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Anyone wishing to purchase a quilt, or commission a quilt, please contact me by email.
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Anyone wishing to purchase a quilt, or commission a quilt, please contact me by email.

Inspirational Fabric As Art

Peace Inspirational Quilted Piece Fabric Art Textile


20" X 20"

$250 SOLD

Machine appliqué, embroidery and quilting.

Moon Pies and Movie Stars

Moon Pies and Movie Stars

21" by 25 "

This piece was inspired by the book jacket of the novel Moon Pies and Movies Stars, and was created to celebrate this 1st novel of author Amy Wallen. Soft edge appliqué, beading and embroidery.

Owned by Amy Wallen

Inspirational 1

The Alpha and the Omega

60" by 60"

This quilt is a memorial to the Challenger crew who died January 28, 1986. The star blocks represent the crewmembers with the fractured blocks of orange and red, the explosion. Air currents are quilted into the various blue background pieces.

Machine pieced and hand quilted.


Inspirational 4


Inspirational 4

(close-up of reverse)

A Time of Innocence

58" by 58"

The original design for this quilt was done in the paper cut method inspired by the paper cut patterns used in the Baltimore Album era and Scherenschnitte (the German paper cutting method). The quilt was created as a statement of concern for all of the children of the world who are abused and abducted. Childhood innocence lost through situations over which children have no control. The front of the quilt is peaceful with tranquil colors; the back depicts a different scene, a mother mourning the loss of her child’s innocence.

This piece is entirely hand appliquéd and hand quilted.


Inscription on reverse reads:

A Time of Innocence
This mother morns the loss of innocence;
child abuse, gangs, aids
and unwanted pregnancy etc..
What happened to childhood????
We must return innocence back to the children.
We must pray for the children!!!

Religious 4

Gabriela Light

54" by 40"

This quilt was inspired by the book ANGEL FIRE written by Fr. Andrew Greeley. Gabriella comes as a guardian angel to protect a Nobel peace prizewinner. She travels light without luggage except a Gucci flight bag in which she carries her Vogue magazine; from the magazine she conjures up her glorious outfits. There are intense, highly focused and extremely elaborate energy patterns in the sky. “The patterns changed colors, whirled feverishly and then seem to condense into a women.”

Hand appliqué and quilting. Embroidery, beading and a little bit of everything. Great fun doing this piece!!




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